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Did You Know?

Credit Cards

On average people carry $15,611 in credit card debt.


On average people have $54,000 in household debt.

College Loans

After 4 years people on average owe $32,264 on their college loans.

Debt Got You Stressed?

We Have the Resources

Whether you’re over your head in debt or just looking for some breathing room in your budget, Infinity Consumer Services can connect you with the perfect option for you.

We’ve Got a Solution For You

We know that finding the right option for you can be stressful, time consuming and confusing. Our services will help restore your financial freedom. We work with a variety of  providers to help each consumer achieve the goals they are searching for.

Debt Dispute Service

Few Americans are aware of their right to question the validity of their alleged debts. Under certain federal laws and uniform banking law…


Debt Settlement

Even if you are already in the process of reducing your debt, certain debt relief solutions we offer can help you reduce your overall…


We Keep It Simple

1.  We Analyze Your Debt
We will discuss each of your debts with you, determining who you owe, as well as each amount and status.

2.  Define a Plan
From there we will create a debt resolution plan with  the best course of action to get you out of debt.

3.  Work With You Towards Financial Freedom
We will work in tandem with you and help you connect to the right company for your debt resolution process.


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