Month: July 2016

Why Use Credit Services to Gain Financial Freedom

At some point, nearly all of us have fallen into tight financial times. This can be extremely stressful for families and bring forth new burdens to your stability. Learning how to overcome these burdens and manage unforeseen circumstances can help boost your security and financial growth for years to come. You can help take back control of your finances using a credit service provider to assist in nearly all financial situations. These experts are ready to help you become the best you and can provide many of the following services when you reach those bumps in the road.

Payday Loans

Get out from under payday loans that have been pressing on your family with the assistance of credit services like Infinity. We can work with payday loan companies to effectively reduce payments and help guide to on a strong payoff plan that will help boost your credit score and keep the loan interest rates in check.

Medical Bills

Whether you need loans for medical bills or assistance in consolidating your medical bills, credit services can be one of the best ways to alleviate this burden. Most medical bills are unforeseen and something that many Americans have little money saved for. With insurance rates booming and coverage reducing payments, many are facing large sums owed to hospitals for emergency services provided to family members. Work with a credit service provider that can work on your behalf with the medical office that holds your debt to reduce payments and total owed, as well as reviewing your bills for accuracy by the accounting department. This can help keep you as a strong standing borrower in the future and keep your credit strong.

Credit Card Debt

Getting a firm grasp on your credit card debt can save your credit score for years to come. Americans are carrying more credit card debt than ever before, leaving the average American thousands in debt. Working to manage or consolidate your credit card debt can reduce your monthly payments, reduce your interest rates and boost your credit score in the long run. Credit service providers can easily work on your behalf to ensure you are receiving the best payment plan available to you.

Ready to learn more about what a credit service provider can do to boost your financial freedom? Contact Infinity Consumer Services today and learn more!

3 Reasons You Need Tax Resolution Services Today

Debt comes in many forms, but your tax obligations are some of the most important forms of debt to stay up to date with. The IRS heavily tracks all tax submissions and obligations of Americans. If you get behind on your taxes, it can have a negative effect on your financial stability and put a major burden on your family. But what can happen if you become negligent with your tax payments? Learn the major consequences of falling behind on your taxes and how tax resolution services can help solve your problems!

Tax Liens

Tax liens are imposed on real property by the government when a person fails to delinquent taxes in a timely manner. According to the IRS Code, “If any person liable to pay any tax neglects or refuses to pay the same after demand, the amount (including any interest, additional amount, addition to tax, or assessable penalty, together with any costs that may accrue in addition thereto) shall be a lien in favor of the United States upon all property and rights to property, whether real or personal, belong to such person.” This means that your property, whether real estate or personal property can be forfeited over to the United States government as payment for delinquent taxes.

Credit Score

Not paying your taxes can significantly affect your credit score. Creditors take tax issues very seriously and tax liens can cause your credit score to plummet to the very bottom of the score chart. If a credit company looks at your records and sees tax liens from the United States government, this can be an automatic trigger for denial of funds and leaving you no access to additional monetary assistance from creditors and banks alike.

Public Record

That’s right, tax liens are shown in public records. This means that you can potentially be put in a situation where family, friends and employers know about the delinquent taxes and can be put in an embarrassing situation. Avoid these instances by getting right with your tax problems quickly using tax resolution services

What Are Tax Resolution Services?

These services can assist you in negotiating with the IRS regarding your delinquent tax payments to create a reduced and lower monthly or quarterly payment to the IRS. This can possibly lead to an improved credit score quicker and the possibility of more financial freedom in your future.

Ready to learn more about tax resolution services? Infinity Consumer Services is the leader in tax resolution services and has a strong record of positive results with the IRS. Learn more today!

3 Reasons to Choose Debt Restructuring

More and more Americans are facing troubled times and seeing large increases in their debt. Whether due to the economy, job loss or other unforeseen circumstances, the average family carries over 30% more debt than three years ago. This staggering debt is causing many to choose between paying their debts or living in a comfortable manner. They are looking for new and innovative ways to eliminate debt responsibly. One of the best ways to do this is by using debt restructuring tactics. Learn why this could be a great option for your debt here!

What is Debt Restructuring

Consumer Credit Reports define debt restructuring as, “process that allows a private individual or public company facing cash flow problems and financial distress to reduce and renegotiate its delinquent debts in order to improve or restore liquidity so that it can continue its operations.” This means that you can use this process to take back your financial freedom while having the means to sustain your living situation. Debt restructuring looks at the bills that you have and negotiates with the debt holder to create a favorable plan to pay off the debt in a way that does not leave the debtor strapped.

The Ways You Benefit

Reduce Interest Rates

Debt restructuring can often lead to reduced interest rates if negotiated properly. Not only are you able to reduce your payments monthly, but the interest you pay overall is often reduced drastically.

Pay Off Debt Faster

After restructuring, your debt will likely be reduced and possibly consolidated into a more manageable fashion. Your monthly payments will be smaller and interest lower meaning you will have more flex money at hand that you can use to pay down your debt faster.

Better Credit Score

Restructuring your debt enables you to pay more effectively on your debts, which can reflect well on your credit score. If your total debt is reduced and you have more money to pay on the debt, your score will eventually reflect on your good merits. This puts you on the road towards financial freedom faster.

Who Can Help Restructure My Debt?

Infinity Consumer Services is the leader in debt restructuring services nationwide. Our team of experts can work with you and the debt holders to create a beneficial program that reduces the burden on your financial stability. Learn more today!

Why Choose Credit Counseling Even with Good Credit


Finances and credit scores sadly have a strong hold over our lives. A large weight is put on these numbers by financial institutions as the end-all, be-all of a person. Being fiscally responsible and keeping your credit score up, while debt down can be difficult for some just. Life happens and many of us fall behind. But whether you are struggling with debt or are financially sound, you can make positive efforts to boost your credit and reduce debt with credit counseling services. Here are some of the reasons more people are choosing to use credit counseling services no matter their financial situation.

Have a Plan to Reduce Old & Current Debt

Eliminating debt is one of the best ways to improve your credit score. This is probably the biggest factor in your credit score and needs to have the most attention. Those who wish to eliminate debt in the quickest, yet most financially stable way possible often see immense benefits from choose to work with a credit counseling service. These service providers are able to look at your overall debt and use their talents to come up with the best way to reduce your debt without straining your lifestyle. They often see more options and ways than you as the debtor. They can work with you to create an innovative plan for success whether you owe $500 or $50,000.

Start Planning for the Future

Financial stability isn’t just about the here and now. You are working to make your credit better for the future. Just as life happened before, it is likely to throw you curveballs in the future as well. Whether health, auto or home surprises, many wish to be prepared for just this type of occurrence. Working with a credit counselor can help you begin to think about possible upcoming expenses and prepare for these expenses with savings. They can work with you to eliminate your debt as quickly as possible, while preparing yourself to be ready for the future in the best way possible

Reduce Large Bills

Have you collected a large amount of medical bills, gotten behind on your mortgage or owe on your car? These bills can really add up and this does not include interest and late fees. A credit counseling service can work with you to find the best way possible to tackle these bills efficiently while reducing the interest paid. This is often done through debt consolidation. This method works with the vendors who own your debt to consolidate your bills into one larger bill with a lower interest rate, potentially saving you thousands.
No matter what your financial situation, working to eliminate and improve your credit score while reducing debt is a major undertaking. Work with a team to find the most cohesive way to complete this task. Talk with Infinity Consumer Services today!