Our Mission

Our primary goal at Infinity Consumer Services is to educate consumers and provide them access to the most elite and beneficial products and services available.

Here at Infinity Consumer Services we offer a variety of solutions for your financial woes. We have built and continue to build a strong network of top-notch companies that offer the most elite products and services in the industry and who also provide exceptional customer service so that we know consumers will be well taken care of. We offer a free phone consultation so we can determine the best service and provider for your situation. With our help, you can rest assured that your path to financial freedom will be coordinated by some of the best firms in the industry, in addition to having us continue to check-in with your progress throughout your debt resolution process.  We take pride in calling ourselves consumer advocates because that is exactly what we strive to do.  We are here for you every step of the way.

About Infinity Consumer Services

Infinity Consumer Services was founded in 2007 to help educate consumers on all avenues and opportunities available to them to overcome financial hardship. We started Infinity Consumer Services to help those struggling get back on their feet, keeping their best interests as a top priority every step of the way. We saw an opportunity to offer those in financial distress the ability to resolve their debts once and for all without being put through the ringer.

We wanted to be the voice for those struggling with debt, and gained a great deal of experience within the debt resolution industry prior to Infinity’s inception. We’ve gone through every aspect of debt relief services, spending time in the trenches educating ourselves as much as possible so that we could educate consumers legitimately and accurately. We continue to improve our awareness everyday, as this is an ever-changing industry, so that we can provide consumers with the insight they need to successfully become debt free and to protect themselves.