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Examples of Illegal Debt Collection Tactics

Getting a phone call from a debt collector can be scary and nerve wracking if you do not know your rights. It may seem that you are in the wrong, but you should know that in some cases debt collectors attempt to use illegal practices that can force you into making decisions and payments that you are not required to make on your behalf. Knowing what is restricted and illegal according to the federal government can easily make your debt dispute experience more favorable and help improve your credit score immensely.

Debt Collectors cannot speak to third party members about your debt collection so long as you send a letter requested the debt collectors to avoid contact. This includes family members, friends, your work, and any other person that is not you or a member of the debt. There are a few exceptions to the rule:

Power of Attorney: If you are represented by an attorney, the debt collector can only speak to your attorney regarding the matter unless you specifically give the debt collector the right to speak to you. Remember that nearly all calls are recorded by debt collectors so giving this right to the debt collector will be recorded.

Credit Reporting Agencies & The Original Creditor: These parties are privy to this information already meaning they are part of the actual debt dispute.

General Questions: Creditors can call many of those listed above to confirm information such as your name and current residence but cannot:

  • Cannot say you owe a debt collector.
  • Cannot identify their employer as a debt collector.
  • Cannot communicate via postcards
  • Mail cannot indicate the company (logos, addresses, etc).

Creditors cannot harass you during inconvenient hours, use violence, foul language, post your name owing a debt.

All of these are considered major violations of your rights. Work with a trusted debt dispute manager to guarantee the proper steps are followed and your rights protected. Contact Infinity Debt Services today!

What To Do After Getting a Debt Collector Call

Getting the dreaded phone call from a debt collector can leave you with a sinking feeling in your stomach and at a loss as to what to do next. Fear not, there are ways to handle this situation and still come out with a grasp on your financial stability. Whether a bill has gotten out of hand, or you have forgotten about a bill completely, you can easily work towards a resolution immediately by following these steps once a debt dispute service has begun.


Get All Information in Writing

Thanks to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, any and all information regarding this debt has to be provided to you from the debt collector in writing. As soon as you receive the first call, request that you receive this information immediately. Don’t begin a conversation or light talk with the collector without having all of the needed information with you. Say as little as possible during these conversations and press to receive the information needed to review the supposed debt.


Keep A Record of All Phone Calls and Messages

Document, document, document. Write down the dates, times, conversation, and all dispute information that is discussed between you and debt collector every time. This can be used if the collector is giving you false or misleading information going forward while you fight or extend the debt collection process. This can be tedious, but can possibly save you from getting into a tight situation. You can believe that they are doing the same to you.


Know Debt Collector Restrictions

There are many restrictions that are put on debt collectors. They cannot use obscene language, threaten you or your family, call you at work if you ask them not to, misrepresent your debt and more. Be sure to know your rights and document and continue to document all interactions for possible abuse by the debt collectors.


Call a Debt Dispute Service Provider

Yes, this can all seem a bit overwhelming, but if you receive help from a debt dispute service provider like Infinity Consumer Services you can dispute the debt claim in writing and then be able to review the information with Infinity and determine the best course of action. This will take much of the stress away from you and give you the financial peace of mind you deserve.

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