Debt Management

About Debt Management/Credit Counseling

Most consumers have heard about this option through TV commercials, friends, or maybe even the bank or credit card company.   This program is a state and credit card driven program. This means that the banks and the states are working together to come up with a plan to get you debt free and may not always have your best interests in mind. You will be making a payment each month to a third party and they will disburse your payment out to your specific accounts.  In most instances the payments stay the same or might even go up to get you out of debt within the 3-5 year repayment requirements. Since the payment goes out to the company first and they make your payment monthly your will have a indicator on your credit report showing you used this type of relief program.  You will have a reduced interest rate with each lender and one monthly payment but in most instances the repayment terms make it difficult for a consumer already struggling to afford this option.

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