Debt Settlement

About Debt Settlement/Debt Restructuring

Debt Settlement has evolved over the years to include not only settling a balance with a creditor if needed but also now validating that the lender has followed all the rules.   Like a traditional Debt Settlement program the firm will come up with a total payback amount and monthly payment needed to satisfy your balances with the creditors you are carrying. Typically the total payback amount is 50% of what your balances are now.  You will be directly connected to an attorney in your state. The monthly payment would be withdrawn from your regular account and placed or held into an Escrow account in your name. In the meantime, the law firm will be going back and forth with the original creditor as well as the collection agencies (if needed) to eliminate the alleged debts and to protect you with an attorney if needed.  In about 25% of all cases the end result is ending in settlement.  The duration for a consumer through this type of program is 24-48 months and does not offer any credit restoration.

If you feel that this is the right debt relief solution for your situation, don’t hesitate. Let’s get started, contact us today!